Core LED Flood light 400W

400w Led Flood Lights, Fixture & Replacement

400w Light Fixture LED is a great source of light along the modern technology available, and can be used mainly as flood lighting. Flood Light 400w is also known with the name of spotlight, lamp or LED Projection. The reason behind it is the illumination of the surface of the particular objects surrounded by the environment. The focus of these lights can be moulded to any direction. It is well structured, in such a way that no climatic conditions can affect these LED Flood Lights 400w.

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These lights attain a good score in performance and have the ability to produce a long distance light system with great efficiency. The basic use of these lights is done in sports Led Stadium Lights, airports, harbours, sea ports, mining, stadiums, parks, monuments, overpass and many other big outdoor operations. Most of the outdoor operations or installations, consider LED Flood Lights 400w as their first choice of lighting.

Characteristics of a 400w Light Fixture

  1. 400w LED Flood Light is made up of the high-quality incorporated chip.
  2. The Flood Light 400w has a tendency to produce high brightness between 140 to 200 lm per Watt.
  3. The LED Flood Lights 400w has the efficiency to consume low heat and low energy as compared to traditional lights.
  4. The life span of these lights is as long as 80,000 hours.
  5. Having High CRI and providing uniform color, makes them the best-sold lights. Not only this, the 400w Light Fixture does not have any RF interference and radiation. This made it the best lighting source for eye-care (glare free).
  6. These LED Flood Lights 400w are available in two types, in regards to colors. One is a single color and the other is RGB.
  7. The light body of this Flood Light 400w is framed in a Aluminium Moulding Shell also used in Aerospace.
  8. 400w LED Flood Light is resistant to corrosion as well as cracks. These lights are capable of tolerating stress.
  9. Being efficient for outdoor operations, you don’t need to worry about dust and water as these lights are dust-proof as well as water-proof. The efficiency to dissipate strong heat is one of its important characteristics.
  10. The light fixture is covered with 4mm of optical lenses, through which 98% of light can be transmitted uniformly to the surface.
  11. 400w Light Fixture overcomes the need of big outdoor operations and fulfils the needs of comprehensive light.
  12.  LED Flood Lights 400w are difficult to break or damage.
  13. Constant power is generated in the lights to provide stable current so as to make it a smart circuit program.
  14. Sealing glue and silicon, which are used in irrigation systems, are also applied in these lights to make them waterproof and free of moisture.
  15. These lights come with high-efficiency technology that consumes less power and produce more light.
  16. Less reflective loss and high refraction of light effect are available in Flood Light 400w.
  17. The lights support broad voltage operations with high-precision to get static-current output.
  18. LED Flood Lights 400w have built-in protection and safety for open circuit, overload, and short-circuit, over-voltage or any type of electricity problem.
  19. You can trust on these lights as all the features of these lights are safe and protected with high-quality protection measures.

Apart from this, the  400w Light Fixture has many more characteristics that will give you reasons to buy these lights.

Their high-efficiency and less energy consumption quality is due to its LED semiconductor use in these lights, which make them save more power than other outdoor lights.

The appearance of these lights shows how smartly they have been designed and how their geometry was created to provide better luminescence.

The electromagnetic compatibility of 400w Light Fixture is quite good to reduce electromagnetic interference in the environment.

These lights dissipate less heat and therefore, decrease the chances of any errors.

The lights are available in different power options related to different environments such as Baseball Lights, Golf Course Lights and Soccer Field Lights.

Different types of LED Flood Lights 400w are accessible for different users depending upon their usage and environment. Some of the frequently used lights are Sensor LED Floodlights, 400 Watt LED Replacement Lights, rechargeable Floodlights; grow floodlights, colorful floodlights available in white, blue, green, red colors. The lights used on special occasions even change colors and make the environment artistic.

The lights are available in different design structures that made them quake resistant indoor as well as outdoor.

These characteristics and features of 400w Light Fixture are unique and present only in LED Flood lights. If you are looking to buy floodlights for any outdoor installations, 400w LED Flood Light is the best option for you.