Led Lights 1000 Watts

1000 Watt Led Flood Light & Fixture

Flood lights are huge, capable fixtures that have a wide light spread. It is a high beam man-made light that is utilized to illuminate large expanses of land. Regularly utilized outdoors, floodlights are discovered lighting up open air playing fields, sports centers and even private residences. Floodlights can likewise be utilized in an enclosed space for lighting stages to make an artificial daytime setting.


When deciding on what LED floodlight to use, critical components to search for are: longevity, precise aiming and rugged exterior. Fortunately, this is not a difficult task as LedStadium produces floodlights which meet this criteria ranging from as low as 200 watt to 1000 watt light fixtures which can give you the illumination you desire (we also have lights in the 2000 watt range).

LEDStadium has a large variety of LED floodlights available. Fixture types include the floodlights ace, floodlights focus and the floodlights core which are ideal for horizontal and vertical illumination.

Persistent heat shortens the life span and suppresses the brightness of LED Stadium lights. With regards to this, LED Stadium has developed an exclusive heat dissipation system that consists of dense aluminum fins arrangements. All these further guarantee that the fixtures produced, whether 200 watt, 400 watt or 1000 watt LED lights, will provide the best possible options available to meet your lighting needs. Whether the Led Lights 1000 Watts are installed in a game stadium, or set up in any kind of arena so as to ensure a fun experience, you certainly will be getting one of the best products in the market.

Knowing how important visual records are today, our LED flood lights are designed taking into consideration photographers and cameramen. The flood lights are designed in such a way so that these persons are able to capture the best shots without much interference, being it expressed in either saturation or excess glare. Our 1000 watt LED flood light is compatible with high speed and HD camera up to 50-60 Hz and 5000 fps respectively. This ensures that watching the game not just in person but also on TV is a pleasant experience.

Some major advantages of our lights include, very high luminosity level, improved ground reach level (especially from our 1000 watt LED light), low weight, modular design which makes it pretty easy to replace specific parts without changing the entire lighting system, open design and improved heat dissipation system. All these have been designed and tested to ensure quality lighting.

One of the most versatile floodlighting options for sale is the Ace LED flood light series which is a 1000 watt LED light. Due to the high luminosity level (140 lm/W) of the ACE LED flood light, it is also a used as a stadium flood light providing illumination much brighter than standard lights in the market today.

Our LED flood lights are outdoor waterproof, which do well even under heavy rains, storms and other unfavorable weather conditions. Due to the attention paid to design, the flood lights can also provide really good illumination while withstanding wind pressure and wind loading. LedStadium’s LED light fixtures can also be set up for completely submergible waterproof and watertight capacity, on the off chance that they are to be utilized inside swimming pools, boats, harbors or water tanks.

For example, our 1000 watt LED light (high power lighting), should be without glare and make as less spillage as could be expected under the circumstances. In LedStadium, our apparatuses are in line with universal glare guidelines.

Powering all these lights will definitely have you thinking about the power bill. There’s no need to panic because the LED flood lights draw less power, resulting in lower energy consumption. The LED flood lights consume 80% less energy than their counterparts for the same quality of illumination. As a result of this low power consumption, it is possible to recoup your investments on these fixtures through the extra saving on the energy bill.

So, when you decide to set up a new stadium or arena installation, for lighting up a late outdoor night sports event, one thing you certainly will be getting from LEDStadium are flood lights that have been designed and produced with a lot of attention paid to details.

LEDStadium will provide all the high-end LED flood lights and top-level solutions you need, so that you can have a lighting installation according to very professional standards and guidelines, with high lux levels and balanced uniformity values.