Ace LED Flood light 1000W

Ace LED Flood Light

Our Ace 1000 watt led light, a stadium LED flood light, has many advantages, including:


1 - High Luminosity Level (actual 140 lm/W), which is much brighter than the standard lights in the market.

2 - Improved Ground Reach Ability. Since our 1000 watt light fixture has a optical system, the light throw can reach much further, allowing the lux levels to be much higher than conventional lighting sources. For instance, a 1000 watt led replacement can be directly used for a 4000w Metal Halide fixture. And, a 300 watt led replacement can substitute a 1000w Metal Halide.

3 - 80% Energy Saving compared with conventional light sources. LED is a long-term investment. LED lights might appear to be more expensive at first, however in 1 to 2 years time you will recoup fully your investment, and from then on your electricity bill will become 80% lower than before!

4 – Our led lights 1000 watts have a modular design that lowers costs related with maintenance and repairing because each individual LED can be replaced separately, without an entire row or strip needing to be removed.

5 - Improved heat dissipation system for our 1000 watt led flood light. Our technology relies on a very efficient passive heat dissipation system, which showcases aluminum fins installed at specific horizontal angles to improve airflow.

LedStadium is one of the manufacturers in the LED high power outdoor lighting field, with the most advanced technology. LedStadium provided the main lighting solution for the 2014 winter Olympic games (hockey stadiums), as well as the football lights solution for several British Premier League football stadiums.

In LedStadium, a 400 watt led light can replace other led companies` 1000 watt light fixtures, and it has 4 times better optics efficiency than conventional metal-halides. If you are looking for fixtures with further ground reach ability and “throw” capacity, then LedStadium is your choose. We were the first company to create the 1000w football stadium lights, with fully structural-optical design. 

We also have baseball field lights available, which will keep a uniform lighting effect across the entire field. LedStadium does not only manufacture extremely high-end optic lenses, which enable us to offer a boosted luminance ground reach that is twice as strong as most of those from our competitors, but we also pay attention at maintaining a balanced lighting distribution.

Many LED solution providers focus too much on illuminating the central area with very few concern to a uniform light distribution, giving a disproportionate imbalance throughout the field. In LedStadium, the design of our high mast lights solve lux disparity on the pitch, leading to a more even light spread allocation.

Our LedStadium’s football and baseball lights meet the certification requirements for all competitive markets (Europe, U.S, Canada and Australia), and have a energy saving rate of 80%, with the fixture’s life span being greater than 80,000 hours.

Choose LedStadium LED technology, and make your pitch’s quality of game-play more realistic and more effective. Convert your venue in a world-class football or baseball stadium!