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Led Stadium Lights

Stadium Flood Lights

Lighting system is always regarded as a paramount accessory in the stadium. It can not only provide adequate visualization for both players and audiences, but also invigorate the games; therefore, LedStadium strives to develop high-end stadium flood lights with maximized brightness that satisfies the needs.

Our products include 400W Light Fixture for Basketball Court, Cricket field and Football pitch, and 1000 Watt Led Flood Light for Indoor and Outdoor Stadium. They are equipped with spill control, which is fit for official requirement of sports fields, no matter indoor or outdoor use. Accurately redirecting the light beams while maintaining low glare ratios is one of the characteristics of our LED lighting solution. Lighting is vital for the participants, but how about the photographers and the cameramen?

Our LED stadium lights are compatible with high speed and HD camera up to 50-60 Hz and 5000 fps respectively. Believe it or not, we are the sport lighting fixture supplier of Football Stadium Lights, Soccer Field Lights and the Olympic Games! And we handled projects having considerable scale in Europe and in U.S. But the question is, are these light affordable?

It is guaranteed that the price of our LED flood lights is competitive, especially for our Residential Basketball Court, Football pitch or Cricket field lighting fixtures. Before the launch, we have carefully looked at the related indoor and outdoor sports lighting fixtures markets so as to improve the quality and endurance. We believe that our Basketball Lighting Fixture is exclusively bright and stable. Our stadium flood lights have the rating of IP66 & life span of 80,000 hours at L70.

Why us? The Best Led Lighting Solution

LedStadium is the leading and pioneering Chinese manufacturer of high power LED lights customized for Baseball Lights, Golf Course Lights, Soccer Field Lights sports field. Now the question is – what pushes us forward?

Our stadium flood lights outclass the others by the exclusive warranty and merits. We attach great importance to LED and develop countless LED lighting products, with the fact that, chances are that LED will shortly become the mainstream technology in the lighting field. If you select LED, you can enjoy its dimming ability, steady color temperature, minimal light decay, as well as low energy consumption.

The energy consumption of our LED flood light is 70% lower of that of conventional metal-halide lamps. Low heat production of LED also outweighs the traditional metal-halides and incandescents.

Heat dissipation is another concern. Persistent heat shortens the life span & suppresses the brightness of LED stadium lights. In light of this, we develop an exclusive heat dissipation system that consists of dense aluminum fins arrangement. The junction temperature of LED chips can be maintainaed at an acceptable range.

LED flood light is the highlighted product at LedStadium. It's composed of 10W, 15W, 40W and 50W chips. Thanks to the high-efficient individual chips, we can achieve more-or-less the same lumen output with lesser chips, and thus reduce the size of our LED flood lights. The high efficiency and optics accuracy are suitable for Basketball Court lighting as well.

To meet the changing needs, LedStadium puts much effort on improving and innovating the products. We came up with many astonishing sport lighting fixtures by making reference to our own experience of handling the huge sports lighting projects. One of our latest results is that the lighting system having new beam angles – a very narrow angle of 5-degree. Truly, it is capable for us to provide outstanding and versatile lighting solutions for sports fields.

Simply drop us a message by filling out our contact form, our sales representatives will come to you shortly (within 1-2 working days) and explain to you what our lighting systems are, thoroughly.

Select our indoor and outdoor court lighting fixtures, because our LED flood lights would be your best LED solution and wisest choice.